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Points System

League Points can be earned by placing 1st - 10th in any Event in any Competition. The more Competitions and Events you compete in, the more League Points you can earn for yourself and your Team. All the League Points you earn over the Competition Season will be added to your Athlete Score and your Team's Score!

The top 50% of finishers in any Event (up to a max of 10) will qualify to compete in that Event at the WCPKC Season Finals! The more Events you qualify in, the more Events you can compete in at the WCPKC Season Finals, contributing more League Points to your Team's Score and your Athlete Score.


Athletes are encouraged to compete in as many Qualifier Competitions as possible, giving them the best chance to qualify for as many Events as possible for the WCPKC Season Finals. The WCPKC Season Finals offers Athletes the opportunity to earn 12X as many points per Event as at a Qualifier Competition.

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